The Working Man Blues

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The Working Man Blues

Postby allen itz » Wed Nov 08, 2017 6:59 am

The Working Man Blues

````Me – “working man blues”

````Me – “indictment day”

````Bharat Shekhar – “Weaved In”

````Me – “in a land so far away”

````Me – “insomniac moon”

````Me – “lost at sea”

````Gary Blankenship – “Forge Dreams”

````Me – “the beauty of original sin”

````Me – “it is tempting to write about Paris”

````Me – “sic transit”

````Joanna Weston – “In the Wind” “When Days Run Together”

```Me – “brown legs walking in sunshine”

````Me – “where do boys go these days…”

````Me – “space cadets announce”

````David Eberhardt – “In Mem John Winston Lennon:”

````Me – “always remember what your mother told you”

````Me – “the variable ranges of truth between diddly and doodly”

````Me – “35 degrees”

````Alice Folkart – “One Way to Deal with Fear”

````Me – “days lost to better dreams”

````Me – “night at a desert camp”

````Me – “my mentors”

All this and more at:
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