Mysteries of Night and Morning

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Mysteries of Night and Morning

Postby allen itz » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:28 am

Mysteries of Night and Morning

````Me – “mysteries of night and morning”

````Me – “a cock crows at mid-morning”

````Keith Flynn – “Easter in Palestine”

````Me – “jazz on the radio”

````Pablo Neruda – “The Light Wraps You”

````Me – “portraits”

````C. P. Cavafy – “In Despair” “In an Old Book”

````Me – “niche marketing”

````Philip Nikolayev – “History”

````Me – “bug-eyed bastards”

````Arthur Sze – “The Owl” “Fauve”

````Me – “Presidio to Study Butte – 1” “Presidio to Study Butte – 2”

````Bernice Zamora – “Pueblo, 1950” “Progenito”

````Me – “forewarned”

````Lawrence Ferlinghetti – “I Am Waiting”

````Me – “the end of a summer night”

````Jorge Teillier – “The Last Island”

````Me – “the sharp yellow light”

````Wayne Sheer – “In the Time of Trump”

````Me – “the fish who seeks his sea”

````Me – “charcoal cat”

````Me – “half a hour later”

All this and more at:
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