Stringbeans & Such

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Stringbeans & Such

Postby allen itz » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:17 am

Stringbeans & Such

````Me – “stringbean

````Me – “but for the potential of a night in jail”

````Adrienne Rich – “After Twenty Years”

````Me – “insomniac moon”

````Charles Levenstein – “Dump Notes”

````Me – “the frogs are singing”

````Joe Mockus – “Last Day in Idaho”

````Me – “a peseta here, a peseta there”

````Samsal Haque – “Woe”

````Kajal Chakraborty – “Fatherhood”

````Me – “true believers”

````Virgil Suarez – “Song to Cryonics”

````Me – “back on South Alamo”

````Noelle Kocot – “Nature Poem”

````Me – “you can’t do nothing about the weather but write about it, so I did”

````Roger Mitchell – “Purgatoire”

````Me – “the third wife of Adam”

````Hanshan – Two poems

````Me – “the limitations of moral philosophy”

````Catherine MacDonald – “BBC News”

````Me – “turning as it always does”

````James Hoggard – from “Tornado’s Eye”

````Me – “her nipple”

All this and more at:
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