My Afterlife as a Petunia

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My Afterlife as a Petunia

Postby allen itz » Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:20 am

My Afterlife as a Petunia

~~~~Me – “my afterlife as a petunia

~~~~Me – “Mother’s Day”

~~~~David Eberhardt – “Dreams” “Tribute to Stephen Hawkins & Rene Descartes (“I think therefore I am”)

~~~~Me – “dream weaver”

~~~~Me – “what can we do, they’re smarter than we are”

~~~~Me – “stupid pig”

~~~~Pablo Neruda – Four from “A Book of Questions

~~~~Me – “interesting company”

~~~~Nikki Giovanni – “First Chair”

~~~~Me – “a brief rain (and all around welcome)

~~~~Ellen Kombiyil – “Primal Kiss” “Wave Oscillation as Time Loop”

~~~~Me – “flashing”

~~~~Me – “whispers”

~~~~Me – “scarlet nails”

~~~~Sunil Freeman – “Mescaline, 1971”

~~~~Me – “fresco on the other side of sunset”

~~~~Juan Felipe Herrera – From “Giraffe on Fire”

~~~~Me – “searching for meaning”

~~~~Me – “talent”

~~~~Me – “portrait of a girl at night”

~~~~Dan Cuddy – “A Sadness”

~~~~Me – “rain”

All this and more at:
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