Rise and Fall of the Putzian Empire

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Rise and Fall of the Putzian Empire

Postby allen itz » Wed May 24, 2017 6:15 am

Rise and Fall of the Putzian Empire

~~~~Me - “greetings”

~~~~Me - “it’s a thunderstorm day, they say”

~~~~David St. John - “Leap of Faith”

~~~~Me - “let’s go shoot a big fat capitalist”

~~~~Laura Kasischke – from “Warehouse of Prayers”

~~~~Me - “stray thunderstorms”

~~~~Hanshan – from “Poems of Hanshan”

~~~~Me - “is this a table? no, this is a poem”

~~~~Me – “Life Origins Get Murkier and Messier”

~~~~Me - “courage”

~~~~Rienzi Crusz – “Sunday Morning”

~~~~Me - “before the estate sale”

~~~~Me – “Mission San Juan”

~~~~Me - “sketches”

~~~~Cornelius Eady – “Stepin Fetchit Reads the Paper”

~~~~Me - “five minutes in the fire with Fiona”

~~~~Me – “sunrise from 6-E”

~~~~Me - “hidden value”

~~~~Charles Bukowski – “wide and moving” “demise”

~~~~Me – “in the news. Southern Baptist urge a cure for homosexuality”

~~~~Me – “trolling”

~~~~Me - “dead still”

All this and more at:

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