For You & Me

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For You & Me

Postby allen itz » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:23 am

For You & Me

~~~~Me - “for you and me”

~~~~Me - “a brief break in the fog”

~~~~Constantine Cavafy - “Where I Lingered and Lay Upon the Beds” “In the Taverns

~~~~Me - “cinnamon dreams”

~~~~Brenda Cardenas - “From the Tongues of Brick and Stone”

~~~~Me - “dusk”

~~~~Marsha Pomrantz”Inscriptions for Chinese Paintings”

~~~~Me - “lying in the sun with Susan”

~~~~Walt Whitman - “A Glimpse”

~~~~Me - “Tejano hamburgers”

~~~~E. E. Cummings - “9. “ (from “III,” from “The 1920’s)

~~~~Me - “lotsa hots”

~~~~Meleagros - “Garland” “Funeral”

~~~~Me - “something better came along”

~~~~Katharyn Machn Aal - “Pockets”

~~~~Me - “caress” “burning” “sex is” “summer reruns”

~~~~Me - “what’s better than cold chocolate milk?”

~~~~Me - “tornado warning”

~~~~Ann Newell - Short form poetry

~~~~Me - “git along little dogie”

~~~~Anna Akhmatova - “Native Soil”

~~~~Me - “thinking about dying and the best way to do it”

All this and more at:
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