As the Moon Through Its Tide Demands

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As the Moon Through Its Tide Demands

Postby allen itz » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:49 am

As the Moon Through Its Tide Demands

````Me – “as the moon through its tide demands

````Me – “in the fading dark”

````Julia Lisella – “Song of the Third Generation”

````Me – “winter night”

````Me – “things I’d rather not think about”

````Me – “surprise”

````Alberto Rios – “It Was a Simple Thing to Know”

````Me – “derfluckenflagetta”

````William J. Higginson – “Santa Fe Shopping Carts’

```Me – “reminder of lost years”

```Catherine Bowman – “Jackie in Cambodia” “LBJ Ranch Barbecue”

```Me – “Arizona’s brown-check stations and other foolishness”

````Sheila Ortiz Taylor – “The Author to Her Former Husband on the Occasion of His Growing Misfortune and Her Accomplished Indifference: An Epistle”

````Me – “like you and me”

````Luis Cabalquinto – “For Emmanuel”

````Me – “till death do we part, amen”

```Me – “mocamuddymacarooniepunietoonies”

````Me – “I hate to rant on such a wonderful day after Thanksgiving”

```Diane Wakoski – “The Duchess Potatoes”

````Me – “old soldier’s table at Nina’s on 14th and Grand”

````William Bronk – “The Mayan Glyphs Unread” “Corals and Shells”

````Me – “skip-to-my-lou

All this and more at:
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