I'd Just Be Guessing If I Told You So

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I'd Just Be Guessing If I Told You So

Postby allen itz » Wed May 17, 2017 5:49 am

I’d Be Guessing If I Told You So

````Me - “a poem lacking even a trace of poetic justification”

````Me - “the circle”

````William Matthews - “The Blues”

```Me -“cold winds strip the morning bare…”

````Me - “sixty percent chance of looking like rain today”

````Me - “the crossing”

````Frank Pool - “The Gate of Ivory”

````Me - “just a little bit of rain”

````Me - “night reaches for a little more dark”

````Me - “I decide to be an artist”

````Dan Cuddy - “An Answer to The Steel Toe Review”

````Me - “the NRA is ascared of me”

````Me - “star-gazing with friends”

````Me - “big iron on my hip”

````Gary Blankenship - “After Wang Wei’s Meng-Cheng Valley - The Foundation of a Father’s House” “After Wang Wei’s At the Lake Pavilion - “Out of the Alley and In”

````Me - “what Tonto said”

````Me - “pictures from an American lynching”

````Me - “it lives”

````Stephen Berg - Ten songs from the Aztec

````Me - “July 2nd”

````Me - “north wind on a southern beach” “new world’

````Me - “crossing the moor”

All this and more at:

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