The Age of Crackpottery

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The Age of Crackpottery

Postby allen itz » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:37 am

Crackpottery on the March

````Me - “crackpots of the world, unite

````Me - “as appropriate to your circumstance”

```` Chao Chih-Hsin - "A Mid-Autumn Night” “Fireflies” “Presented to a Mountain Dweller” “ On Poetry“

````Me - “red planet rebirth”

````Fady Jourdah - “Scarecrow”

````Me - “the little airplane”

````Me - “star bright”

````Me - “our place in the story of space and time”

````Annamaria Ferramosca - “After Rilke’s Eighth Elegy”

````Me - “a conundrum”

````Me - “through the 100 meter lens”

```Me - “meanwhile, in the Hydra Constellation”

````Stanley Moss - “Song of Imperfection”

````Me - “cliché”

````Me - “fleshware”

````Me - “how it all comes about”

````Gary Snyder - “Waiting for a Ride”

````Me - “goddamn cheap-assed bastards

````Me - “dinner plate moon”

````Me - “Adam, before the fall”

````Aleda Shirley - “Fin de Siecle”

````Me - “good golly, Miss Molly

All this and more at:
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