light If You Are New to Wild, PLEASE READ!

This forum is for TESTING features before posting your work. PRACTICE here. Doodle to your heart’s content. Eventually, you will find your own way.

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light If You Are New to Wild, PLEASE READ!

Postby admin » Sun May 16, 2010 12:18 pm

Dearest Membership -- First of all, if you are new to Wild Poetry Forum, welcome aboard and we thank you for joining us. In prior years when WPF was significantly smaller than it is today, we normally had the opportunity to at least say hello personally and read all the work of nearly everyone who posted here. But we've grown so much, especially recently, that this has become difficult, if not impossible. So, hello and we hope you are enjoying your time at WPF.

Before posting anything at Wild, we ask that you make yourself familiar with the following documents, all of which can be found in HYPNOTIC SUGGESTIONS (our System Administration Information and Updates forum):

WPF User Agreement
WPF Disclaimer
WPF Mission Statement
WPF History
WPF Critiquing Guidelines

These documents will make you familiar with Wild, how things operate around here, and how you can best integrate into our community. Please do check in on this forum often during your membership here. These documents will be updated as necessary, and more documents will be added when circumstances require it. You will find your membership here at Wild more productive if you keep yourself updated on new information. And please remember that ignorance of what can be found in these documents is no excuse.

If after reading these documents, you still have questions that are not answered in any of them, or you are confused about any of the information that can be found in them, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to answer any questions or try to resolve any confusion you might have.

Thank you for your attention to these materials and the time you spent reading them. And we thank you as well for your adherence to the guidelines, rules, and recommendations that are found in them.

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