Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:14 pm
by beachdreamer
Just parking this here.

The Night I Died

There was no one around, but I didn’t care
Sometimes the lonely will take you there
You will fly like you wanted to back in the day
When Superman came and took you away
Everyone gets there, that’s what they say
On the night I died

There was a big golden moon, or I hallucinate
But if it was real, then it was really great
And I felt the universe covered in love
And I was the hand inside a big warm glove
There say everyone’ll get there, no need to shove
On the night I died

You can’t live forever because, because
They got these pesky little things like natural laws
I came in feet first and I made my roar
On the night I died, you know I wanted more

I was standing in line, with a ticket bought cheap
To be totally honest it felt like I was asleep
There was no where to be and that felt real good
It felt the way, hey, maybe sure like living should
And everyone was singing cause they understood
On the night I died